Dai (white_wolf) wrote in vcl,

Art Supplies at Cons

Being an artist myself, I've attended numerous cons every year, for the past 5 years, usually with my own dealer's table. I have slowly been dabbling more and more into the world of wholesale and merchandising. I'm coming up with what I hope to be a grand idea, something that will help out other artists at cons; selling art supplies. Sketchbooks, sure. But more than that.. how about mechanical pencil lead, pencils even, erasers, micron pens, markers.. Trias and even Copics. I want to bring this stuff in and sell it a tad bit cheaper than buying retail. I've always offered heavy-duty badge holders with clips for $1 a piece, and I need to make this more known as well.

But here is where I need all artist's help. What do YOU need; what should I sell?

What exactly do you use when 'arting' at cons?
What would you be willing to buy?
Would you even put off buying supplies at home if they were cheaper at the con?
Those who use markers, would you rather purchase them in sets or individually? Or refills?
How about art bags, cases, totes, etc., even?

My next con is FWA, and while this is too soon to make any big purchasing plans for myself, if anyone knows they will be needing anything for the con.. let me know and I can at least purchase SOME things for it to get myself started!
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